Zuppa Verdura (V)  £4.30 - Homemade soup of spring greens, cannellini beans, extra virgin olive oil, chilli & garlic

Pane all’aglio (V)  £2.50 - Freshly made bread topped with garlic butter

Pane all’aglio con Mozzarella e Pomodoro (V)  £3.00 - Freshly made garlic bread topped with mozzarella cheese and Italian tomatoes

Funghi all’Aglio  (V)  £5.50 - Golden fried breaded mushrooms served with a homemade garlic mayonnaise

Calamari Fritti  £6.50 - Crispy squid rings, pan fried and served with a garlic, lemon & parsley mayonnaise

Mozzarella Caprese (V)  £5.95 - Mozzarella & tomatoes, dressed in extra virgin olive oil & topped with fresh basil

Cozze alla Crema/ Diavola  £6.90 - Mussels cooked in a white wine, garlic & cream sauce or a garlic, chilli & tomato sauce

Cocktail di Gamberetti £5.95 - Traditional prawn cocktail served with a marie rose sauce

Gamberoni Al Forno £6.50 - Succulent king prawns served in lemon, garlic and white wine

Bianchetti Fritti £5.90 - Fried whitebait served with a garlic, lemon & parsley mayonnaise

Antipasto Napoletano  £6.20 - Selection of traditional Neopolitan meats

Fegatini al Nido £6.50 - Fried nest of bread filled with chicken liver and smoked bacon, tossed in white wine & brandy with a dash of cream
Porcini Arancini (V)  £5.20 - Fried balls of porcini risotto, parmesan & mozzarella served in a arrabbiata sauce

Capesante Amore £7.50 - Pancetta wrapped Scallops pan seared and served on a cannellini bean puree




Margherita (V)  £9.00 - Fresh tomato sauce topped with mozzarella

Tropicale  £9.90 - Fresh tomato sauce topped with ham, pineapple and mozzarella

Primavera (V)  £9.90 - Fresh tomato sauce topped with cherry tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella

Torino  £9.90 - Fresh tomato sauce topped with ham, mushroom & mozzarella

Piccante  £9.90 - Fresh tomato sauce topped with spicy salami & mozzarella

Quattro Formaggi (V)  £9.90 - Fresh tomato sauce topped with four types of Italian cheese

Patatine Fritte (V) £9.90 - Margherita pizza topped with fries

Calzone (V)  £9.00 - Fresh pizza dough parcel filled with mozzarella and tomato


Pasta/ Risotto


Spaghetti Carbonara  £9.90 - Spaghetti with sauteed bacon, egg, parmesan, cream & black pepper

Spaghetti Bolognese  £9.90 - Spaghetti served in a traditional homemade beef, pork and red wine bolognese sauce

Linguine al Cartoccio  £11.50 - Pasta ribbons served with fresh mussels, king prawns & squid, cooked in white wine, tomato, garlic, olive oil & fresh basil. Baked in foil to preserve the wonderful flavours & juices

Lasagne  £9.90 - Layers of fresh pasta, minced meat cooked in red wine, tomato sauce, bechamel topped with mozzarella. Served with a side salad

Tortellini Amore  £10.50 - Fresh pasta parcels filled with Italian ham, mushrooms and served in a cream, basil & tomato sauce

Triangoloni al Tartufo (V)  £10.90 - Truffle filled pasta served in a creamy mushroom and butternut squash sauce, topped with parmesan

Penne Salmone  £10.50 - Pasta quills, shallots, smoked salmon and asparagus served in a white wine and cream sauce

Risotto Boscaiolo  £10.50 - Italian rice with chicken, shallots and mushrooms finished with parmesan

Gnocchi Gorgonzola e Spinaci (V)  £9.90 - Soft Italian potato dumplings served in a gorgonzola sauce with onions and fresh baby spinach

Penne all’ Matricana/ Arabbiatta (V) £9.90 - Pasta quills in a bacon & tomato sauce with a hint of chilli if desired/ without bacon (V)

Scialatelli Positano £11.80 - Clams and Langoustines in a sauce of cherry tomatoes and white wine served with traditional Almafi Coast pasta

Melanzane Parmigiana (V)  £9.50 - Aubergine & fresh herbs, cooked in tomato & mozzarella, topped with parmesan, served with a side salad




Pollo Miramare  £13.90 - Chicken breast stuffed with fresh herbs, garlic & king prawns served in a white wine and tomato sauce

Pollo Principessa £13.90 - Chicken breast served in a cream, white wine, shallot, mushroom & asparagus sauce

Pollo Salmone  £13.90 - Chicken breast, smoked salmon, prawns, shallots and asparagus served in a white wine and cream sauce

Anatra Marsala e Pesche £16.90 - Duck breast served in a peach & marsala jus

Vitello alla Milanese £16.90 - Veal escalope fried in breadcrumbs and served with Spaghetti al Pomodoro

Carre di Agnello £17.90 - Rack of lamb, coated with rosemary & garlic, served with a rosemary and red wine jus

Filetto di Salmone con Asparagi e Salsa Olandese £15.90 - Baked fillet of salmon topped with hollandaise sauce and asparagus

Bistecca alla Griglia   £16.95 - 10oz locally sourced Bridport grilled sirloin steak, served with a side salad

Bistecca al Pepe  £17.95 - 10oz locally sourced Bridport sirloin steak flamed in brandy with a demi-glace  and pink & green peppercorn sauce with a hint of cream

Bistecca Caruso  £17.95 - 10oz locally sourced Bridport sirloin steak, pan fried in mushrooms, shallots, red wine jus with a dash of cream

Filetto alla Griglia   £18.95 - 8oz locally sourced Bridport grilled fillet of beef, served with a side salad

Filetto Gorgonzola   £19.95 - 8oz locally sourced Bridport fillet of beef served in a creamy sauce of gorgonzola, shallots & peppers

Filetto Rossini   £19.95 - 8oz locally sourced Bridport fillet of beef, pan fried in a Maderia sauce, topped with pate and served on a crouton

Rib Eye Diavola £17.95 - Rib Eye steak topped with a delicious firey sauce of chilli, garlic, lemon and white wine

Bistecca Fiorentina  £44.90 - 1kg of the finest T-Bone Steak ideally for 2 people will be Fire Roasted in the kitchen and finished to your liking by yourself on Lava stone


All of the above dishes are served with a choice of salad or vegetables of the day


Frittura di Pesce £15.90 - Deep fried Calamari, Mussels and King Prawns served on a bed of lettuce with Tartar sauce

Insalata Amore  £10.95 - Mixed salad with strips of chicken breast, cherry tomatoes and avacdao topped with a lemon and olive oil dressing




Patate Fritte (V)  £2.50 - Portion of chips

Rocket Salad (V)  £3.25 - With parmesan, olive oil & aged balsamic

Croquette di Patate (V)  £3.75 - Homemade potato croquettes with mozzarella and parmesan


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